Project Celeste

A brief summary of the work I have done on Age of Empires Online as one of the lead developers of Project Celeste.

I am the Executive Producer behind the Roman and Indian civilizations. The work on Romans began on Jaunary 2019. There was quite a substantial amount of leftover work from the original developers for the Roman civilization, but not quite close to a make them function properly. I, alongside a few colleagues, designed the civilization. You can see part of the work I have done for them here. The work on the Indians began in earnest on March 2021.

I mostly do UI Design and Game Design and Artwork for the project.

UI Design Workflow

I make most of my UIs in Adobe Photoshop. I start out by making a Lo-Fi version of the interface whilst making a list of required features to make sure everything is present on the initial mock-up. Once I'm happy with the Lo-Fi version, I create a more detailed, Hi-Fi version of the UI.

Once the UI gets implemented in the game and gets tested for functionality, I add extra visuals and decorative elements to it at the end.

Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi versions of the interface in Adobe Photoshop.

Final version of the interface visible in the game itself.


UI Design

Game Design and Artwork

If you wish to see an extended collection of my work for Age of Empires Online, click here!